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Most of you probably familiar with Facebook – the unsinkable flagship, the mother of all social networks around the world, but it won't be our focus today. Three years ago Russian comrades took a look at Facebook and decided that: “The hell with it.... We will build our own with “blackjack and hookers!” Three years went by, and a social network known as VKontakte appears with no less than 45 million users. Wait! Don't discard VKontakte yelling who needs it if we have Facebook because I will explain why you do need it.
It is a known fact that on the streets of Russia there are bears roaming freely with balalaika's and cap hats which is probably the reason why copyright fighters haven't come to Russia yet... ATTENTION!!!! VKontakte social network you will find multi-million library containing free mp3 files, you can listen on-line to whatever you feel like without any limitations, and believe me, there is plenty to listen to (take a look at the screen shot bellow). It is unbelievably simple – following the registratione (absolutely free) in the search field simply enter audio files search, and VIOLA, you have found your happiness! I suppose advanced users don't need an explanation as to how files are downloaded.
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